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Sep 26, 2010 7:30pm PDT
candle used to light the home. four children died in the fir >> it was customer who had been disconnected. they were unfortunately using apparently candles inappropriately. >> pg&e had used smart meter technology to cut off elecicity to the family because the family wasn't keeping up with its bills. some say shutoffs will happen more frequently. now as more smart meters are installed. >> our concern is that with the advent of smart meters that have the capability of remotely shutting off customers without havi to go physically visit the hoe that could significantly increase. >> for the first five months of 2009, pg&e used smart meters to cut off power to 4300 customers. that increase of 52,000 for the sameeriod this year. pg&e insists that smart meters have not changed the way it does business. >> the advent of the smart meter has not changed the process with working with customers. >> they point to a different set of numbers. >> through t end of ma the number of shuffs in 2010 is down 33%. >> it points to the total number of all disconnections, not just smart meter disconnections, but th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1